California Dreaming and The End of an Era Part 2, Days 4-6.

A continuation from:

Day 4- Dancing with Danger.

I fell asleep at 12:30am and set my alarm for 4:10am and 4:15am. I first “danced with danger” by forgetting why I set them and turned them of dozily in annoyance. If Elizabeth hadn’t set one for 4:45am we would have been in hot water. We dress quickly and nap on the two hour drive to the Grand Canyon. We first go to a gift shop where I get new sunglasses and postcards at 7am. We then head out to the various stops of the Canyon, beginning with the ranch. I’ve begun to prefer making videos on trips, as well as photos because they capture the essence of life in its dynamic nature. So I take a few throughout the day; making myself laugh at each one. We take photos and pet the horses and go to the next stop. It’s a great view, a lot bigger than I thought it was and deeper too. The tour guide started talking to me in Chinese this morning and I told him to “speak English” which for some reason made people laugh. It’s a bilingual tour so I’m not expected to actually know any Chinese! Elizabeth and Andrew joke about it throughout the day. We take photos on the edge of the Canyon, me being a stupid daredevil and “dancing with danger” to recapture photos similar to those that I took at Table Mountain during my netball tour in Cape Town, South Africa in 2012. I attract a little too much attention as I flirt with death and death flirts back, but neither of us make a move on the other. Elizabeth and Andrew wait with bated breath for me to finish what I’m doing and take photos for them. I’d be lying if I said that death doesn’t intrigue me. It’s the stamp of finality that intrigues me. We then go on the Skywalk- a glass floor over the Canyon. Standing so high up does make me feel slightly nauseous, like my limbs freeze slightly with anticipation. Death from this height would be a nasty experience.

11427209_892018447523002_1340088088769403532_n 22506_892013844190129_4175700592465560458_n 10489791_892013714190142_8165291913621249058_n 11393216_892013734190140_105299810177676067_n 11214087_892013767523470_4617460980401079902_n 11406804_892018200856360_8540289967016818496_n10930895_892027340855446_1301885090214177601_n

After the Skywalk we continue around the stops, taking pictures of the spectacular views and basking in the sun. I’m so tired and I’m getting a headache which feels a bit like sunstroke. At one point when Elizabeth takes a photo of us a Chinese man farts long and loudly and Andrew and I break out in a fit of giggles. We sit and eat some crisps before heading for more rocks to stand on. I don’t climb them all as I’m conscious of my knee so I walk a flatter route and meet them at the tables for lunch. Lunch is pretty decent; meat- either chicken or beef, veg, mash potato, bread, salad, a cookie and a bottle of water. After lunch we sit on the rocks until 12pm and then head back to find our tour group. I fall asleep three different times on the way to Hoover Dam; very exhausted from the sun and a lack of sleep. We literally only spend 20 minutes at Hoover Dam before heading back to the hotel. We make use of the Wi-Fi as we’ve literally been ALL day without it. Elizabeth and Andrew take showers and I change and we leave the room around 7pm.

11391237_892021664189347_8868871300694944056_n 11390351_892013690856811_7103577318825105540_n 11393159_892024750855705_6449740545119816015_n 11390074_892022317522615_6474800551857808720_n 11412168_892021640856016_9915419488362606_n 11412223_892021497522697_5475581502477719779_n 11416132_891355817589265_7088126778295389066_n 11424457_892025187522328_1820167893896416260_n 11406910_892025034189010_4395936437220312513_n

We’ve decided to take Andrew to Hard Rock Café since he has never been to one before. It’s boiling on the strip and it’s not long before we’re all sweating from the humidity. It’s a longer walk than we anticipated, 3.6 miles from our hotel. The “City of Sin” is quite something to look at, bright lights and vagrant architecture at every turn. I’m not enjoying the walk despite the sites because converses weren’t designed for this and my knee has flared up again. My legs want to give up on me but we’ve walked too far to quit now. I’m struck by the amount of people begging for money in various ways; one guy even holding a cardboard sign as he calmly sat outside a shop stating “my family has been kidnapped by ninjas. Need $50 for karate lessons.” I almost die laughing at the obvious lie. Many people are trying to sell escorts with crude names such as “orgasm clinic.” If I ever had to stoop so low to be homeless or a hooker to put food in front of me, I’ve got no qualms in saying that I’d rather die; even suicide. I couldn’t live with the shame of it and knowing that no family of friends loved me enough to save me from rock bottom. Men keep looking me up and down which is a never a comforting feeling. Men are like horses in that, from my experience, their tempers can be temperamental. It’s not a predicament I would like to find myself in ever again. I wouldn’t say I was scared of men or horses in general but I’m wary. I could defend myself but sometimes you just don’t know. Madison’s friend Sarah bluntly stated as a fact last week that I “wasn’t ugly” and since we have no attachments to each other I believed her and it was a breakthrough for my self-esteem.

1376426_892402167484630_2282261809407968077_n 11391433_892165677508279_3311771354346417405_n 11402670_891412194250294_6348133093265153993_n 11427035_892165617508285_178661543552136649_n 11407181_892165547508292_8492271107094778082_n 11427235_892163277508519_6282399403592279875_n 11401217_892165220841658_5577565414820739209_n

We eventually make it to Hard Rock, almost 90 minutes after we set off due to many diversions. Its not busy, we all get burgers for dinner. The service in there is always good. Andrew always cracks me up to the point where my stomach cramps in pain with all his witty comments. The banter between our group of 3 is worthy of an E! reality TV show. Elizabeth zooms in on our faces in photos and he remarks “that must be the sign of a mental disorder, zooming in that close.” I’m not feeling the pain of goodbye when we’re laughing this long and loud every day. As always, the walk back is quicker than the walk there! Again strange men approach me, one getting right in my face and making me jump. I thought he was going to mug me but he kept walking. My heart jumped further out of my chest than earlier at the Grand Canyon when a woman tripped near the edge and squealed and then laughed at my terror. Elizabeth and Andrew thought it was me. She said “what would we actually do if you fell off the edge though?” To which I darkly and sarcastically state “get me a bench by the BSU, make my blog stats boom.” I said to Andrew earlier “even if I did fall, I’d be the one who defied the odds and survived.” He says “I really don’t think you would,” to which I reply “I would, that’s the kind of person I am.” One guy storms past us, pushing into people and not even blinking. People are so weird!! We eventually make it back to the room just before midnight, after taking more pretty pictures and watching a water fountain display. I fall asleep immediately, Elizabeth waking me up after 30 minutes so that I don’t sleep in my clothes- a bad habit of mine that makes my washing pile larger than necessary.

Day 5- Friday’s Child: Vegas back to LA.

I wake up much earlier than my alarm, so I just sit on my phone for a while before having a shower and washing my hair. The lights won’t work and I’m not about to shower in the dark OR with the door wide open. I fiddle with the plugs and learn it’s because they’re overloaded. Proud of myself, I shower and shave before dressing and packing up my things. We board the bus at 8:05am, me feeling fresh and Elizabeth feeling unwell. We get off the bus at 9:30am to see the M&M chocolate factory which is closed. We’re not bothered since we’ve no room in our bags for new possessions, or the money for it either. We walk around the gardens and take a few snaps of the cactuses before getting back on the bus. Our next stop is for brunch shortly after. We decide to go to Krispy Kreme since its national doughnut day. As you can imagine it’s very busy in there! All the while we wait in line and on several other occasions, seeing children/ babies everywhere makes me feel extremely broody- I’m too young for one now but I really look forward to that chapter of my life! To be loved and needed on that level and shape another human being as they grow and blossom in front of your eyes. Why would you not want one? I get a “Southern Classic” doughnut called “Peach Pie” and Elizabeth buys me an Iced Caramel Coffee since she owes me money. We then get back on the bus and the Indian married man keeps looking at me in a perverted manner (which Elizabeth and Andrew both notice) and catching my eye for too long. It makes me feel so uncomfortable that I button my polo shirt all the way up- my standard “could be a lesbian” outfit. As Allysa said “everyone wants a slice of Berrie pie” and yes that’s a joke to some extent, but this dude is not even worth a CRUMB of Berrie pie. Katy Perry- If You Can Afford Me; although after my Oscar winning performance of utter shenanigans at the bar with Madison the other week, I’m well-rehearsed in my “I’m a lesbian in love” speech.

11391457_892625264128987_105300574385601741_n 11390093_891354770922703_577161652709507999_n 11401090_892629707461876_7546415289488064974_n

We have a couple hours at the outlets to the shop but since we limited ourselves to a rucksack each, we don’t buy anything other than food. I get a cinnamon chai frappe at Starbucks and use their Wi-Fi. It turns out that my parents managed to get me season tickets to Leicester City for the upcoming season which is a dream and life goal of mine! 😀

Day 6- The Land of Fame Excess.

We leave the hotel at 7:15am for the walk of fame and Universal Studios. It takes a while for the tour guide to get us moving and we only get 30 minutes at the Walk of Fame so we walk as much as we can and I take all the photos (as always! 😉 ) We then head out to Universal Studios which is a very short drive. Once inside the park we begin with a tour of the studio/ sets on a bus. It’s a beautiful day and the tour is really interesting, with props from various films including Back To The Future and Jurassic Park. My day is made when we tour the set of my favourite TV show Desperate Housewives! It’s heaven to the 18 year old version of myself! 😀 ^_^ We then go on the Simpsons ride before heading to find Starbucks in the lower lot of the park. We then went on the Transformers ride and the Jurassic Park ride before going back to the upper lot to on the Despicable Me ride. We also watched a show in the upper lot called Waterworld which had some minor celebrities in it from US TV show.

1186331_893088264082687_1399626736244209489_n 1779671_893123077412539_2793782075563939958_n   10984988_893234857401361_8335948463792994173_n 11390134_893156544075859_1033041892379761734_n 11250916_893088514082662_8368735252705256526_n 11391289_892625167462330_6510162686937797503_n 11390151_893244214067092_8091512739255618242_n 11390220_893123154079198_7287445889304569229_n

I got some funny photos throughout the day, with Frankenstein, Dracula, Scooby Doo, Dora the Explorer and a French policeman. I liked that they weren’t the typical characters, such as superheroes. I asked Dracula to “bite me” to which he replied “with pleasure” and we took a photograph. Radhika always says that I look like Dora the Explorer so I felt compelled to take that photo. I asked the policeman to “hit me” and he was so shocked; saying “NONONONONONONO!!” Then I said “I want it for my photo” to which he replied “PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE CAR AND LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER!” And thus, a great photo was taken by Elizabeth. We then went to a gift shop and I got more postcards and plastic trophies for friends in Mississippi. In the queue for the till the old man behind me started talking to me and applauded my efforts on maintaining relationships with people via post. He said he used to do the same for his mother and we both agreed that we liked to map our journeys through post we’ve sent to those we care about. To get back to the hotel we have to switch buses. We buy things as we wait for the bus, me getting another shot glass for Taylor, new sunglasses and more postcards. When we eventually get back to the room we watch TV for a while and then go to Subway for dinner. We return around 9:30pm and I fall asleep in my clothes around 10pm. I awake at midnight and get changed and Elizabeth does the death stare again but this time she smiles so I don’t feel bad for making any noise. Again she has no recollection of this in the morning.

10452327_893176730740507_7980660613814100573_n10313730_893243654067148_2686749739301684179_n11390315_893243604067153_4332869327005175826_n11403482_893509344040579_136214208423920492_n 11406821_893339357390911_2078222292756689021_n11112299_891361007588746_7451801839671256880_n11140273_892165744174939_4057879880276952311_n11401012_893243680733812_1340022297685479297_n11351375_892109337513913_2233478984059721000_n11391252_892680797456767_4310393161719226080_n


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