California Dreaming and the End of an Era Part 3, Days 7-9.

A continuation from:

Day 7- Sunny Sunday

For no real reason, other than being ill with what is basically Fresher’s Flu, I wake up at 5:30am. I can’t go back to sleep so I go on my phone for a while before hitting the shower. Jana has booked her flight to England 21st-29th July so I’m extremely happy and proceed to tell all my friends about it. We head out again at 7.15am and switch buses shortly after. We arrive in Santa Barbara just before 10am and are given 40 minutes to explore and take photos. The beach and all its glory is truly beautiful and I feel the way I did in the Gold Coast, Australia 2 years ago. I buy more postcards after taking many photos. We then head out to a cute Danish village called Solvang. It’s an odd place to see in California but it’s still nice to walk around. It makes me really want to go to Denmark in the near future. I get a black cherry ice cream from one of the shops and follow Elizabeth and Andrew to Domino’s as they buy pizza for lunch. We all use the Wi-Fi before heading back to the bus at 1pm. We have a long drive to our hotel and the bus is freezing (Americans love their AC). So I put my pj bottoms and have no qualms about walking around in them in public so I do just that! Elizabeth and Andrew find it funny as we go to dinner at Popeye’s and then go to CVS to buy food for the following morning. I go to Starbucks and buy a hot chocolate to sneak on to the coach. I don’t feel well at all and am wanting to sleep. As soon as we get to the hotel I take two sudafeds and fall asleep around 10pm. They basically knock me out and I fall asleep in my clothes and do not remember talking to Elizabeth and Andrew in my drowsy slumber. They film me on snapchat so that I can see it the next day. I basically just mumble, turn over and sleep again.

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Day 8- Manic Monday

We all ignore our alarms and its 4:43am when we wake up. We have to be downstairs at 5am to go to San Francisco. Due to the night before I have no time to change because I need to pack too. When I awake I’m still drowsy after my black out sleep. I look up and down and say “why am I in yesterday’s clothes?!” The other two are in fits of laughter and I say “I’ll just go out in this today” to which Andrew says “you might want to do something with your hair, you look like you just left a crack den. I feel sweaty and gross on top of being unwell. On the bus I listen to my iPod and our first stop in Sanford University. It’s a nice morning as we watch the sunrise whilst we walk around the campus whilst the students are not around. I take a video of the campus and various photos. I’m still very unwell and still in my pjs, plus I’m constantly blowing my nose. After this we arrive in San Francisco around 7/8am. The first thing we do upon arrival is go on the cable cars, something the city is known for. This gives us an amazing view of the city. I can’t stop sneezing which makes the Chinese passengers in front of me cover their faces with their hats which I’m offended by since I do my best to sneeze into my sleeve. When we get off the cable car we are at the top of a “long and winding road” which we walk down and take photos of the view. It’s so steep that it makes my knees shake. When we reach the bottom we board the bus again and head towards Golden Gate Bridge. Sadly it’s foggy so our photos aren’t great. We go to the gift shop where I buy a journal for Madison and more postcards. After a brief stroll we get back on the bus and head to the palace of fine arts. Again it’s another pretty place constructed by man. We walk around and then head back to the bus. We spend little time at each place so that we can cram more into every single day. Our next stop after this is Pier 39. It’s a nice place, a seaside town atmosphere. We are conscious of money so walk and browse menus before picking a place. Elizabeth and I get a crab and shrimp chowder bowl which is basically like soup in a big bowl of bread (which looks like Yorkshire pudding). After this we sit in the sun and after 10 minutes a bird poops next to my things, slightly splashing myself and Andrew. He thought it was rain! Elizabeth is dying and she rolls around laughing and I film her reaction. I wipe up the mess in the restroom before we get back on the bus.


Next, we go to a rather ugly building called St. Mary’s Cathedral. The church is very quiet when we walk around. The wind has picked up and unfortunately so many people get a view of my underwear. The other two find this hilarious. After this we go to a place called Land’s End, which is hilly with an ocean view. We hike down the hill and all the way up which makes me feel more grotty than I already am (I’ve taken off my pj bottoms by this point). Our tour guide then takes us to City Hall so that we can view Homosexual Street. It’s not what he hyped it up to be; we thought it would be so gay that it would make us feel uncomfortable but it’s literally a street with the gay flag everywhere. We go to the public library before going to the City Hall. The ceiling in City Hall is something to be marvelled at. We go to Newark again for dinner, going to McDonald’s for dinner before buying more food for the following day in CVS. I feel really tired and unwell still but I need to shower first out of our group or I’ll just sleep again. It feels good to feel fresh again! I sit in bed for a while watching one of my favourite films Dear John :D.


I message a few friends about the weekend as I want to see everyone before I go home to England. It’s around 11pm in Cali, 1am in Mississippi so I don’t expect any replies. Erin tells me she’s going out of town for the weekend so we won’t see each other. I haven’t seen her in a while and my gut told me that the last time we hung out really would be our last but she always assured me that it wasn’t. It’s like Australia all over again and I’m annoyed at myself for ever ignoring my gut as the tears stream down my face silently;I don’t want to wake my roommates. (“And even then my eyes got wetter.” -Rihanna- California King Bed). The fact I’m so ill and tired also makes everything worse, as the realisation that the end is here and my time is up acts like a “steel knife in my windpipe;” to quote Eminem in Love The Way You Lie. 

Day 9- Last Day on Tour

We awake much earlier this time so we’re not late. Elizabeth helps pack my stuff and we head out again at 5am. I told them both about my conversation with Erin and given the odd nature of our friendship, I think they both feel a bit sorry for me. I’m super tired and super bunged up! I can’t hear very well either. On the bus I put my iPod on but fall asleep pretty quickly for the entire 2 hour journey. I embarrassed myself in my sleep again by talking and moving. They film it and I look like a zombie. We get to walk around Yosemite National Park where we join a super long line for the restrooms. The waterfall here makes for great photos. We stop at another place along the way to take photos before heading on over a 2 hour journey to have lunch. The rest of the day involves a long drive back to LA. We stop at McDonald’s for lunch and head to Panda Express for dinner so that Andrew can try it for the first time.



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