‘What I Call’ My English Adventure: Part 1

I recently embarked on an extraordinary road trip across the UK with my American pal Madison. Read all about the first part of our journey here in Madison’s own words. 🙂

madleigh in love with travel


Twenty-four hours of non-stop travel (including four-hour layovers, aisle seats, and time changes) could make anyone want to give up on adventure. Even watching the sunset hover on the Boston horizon until it became a sunrise somewhere over Greenland didn’t eradicate my grumpiness. My heart suffered a tiny fracture when I had to leave Iceland-an airport meal and ten minutes of the fresh air on the landing strip were enough to entice me to stay forever. But Lisa was waiting, and I’m glad I did leave, or we wouldn’t have had that wonderful embrace in Arrivals that had been a year in the making. After she surprised me with some ever-thoughtful gifts, we headed to Birmingham’s town centre, because apparently I have “hit the ground running” tattooed on my forehead. We meandered around the city, catching up over selfies, a museum, the iconic B’ham Bullring (shopping centre), my first trip…

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